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    Dr. Joseph Tseng is an expert in MI. He takes pride in treating each patient with personalized services and unparalleled treatment.

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  • Crowns

    Crowns are meant to protect the part of the tooth that is seen above the gum line. They are placed there to strengthen the tooth or to enhance its appearance. They can also be used to secure a bridge or finish a dental implant. There are quite a few different kinds of crowns available, each serving a specific purpose. Dr. Joseph Tseng can advise you on which may be best for you. 

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  • Bonding

    Bonding is a procedure normally used to repair imperfections and minor chips on front teeth. Materials that are tooth colored are specially blending to match your teeth and then bonded to the surface of your tooth. It’s also commonly used to fill in the gaps between teeth.

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  • Invisalign

    The Invisalign® System involves having a series of clear aligners made to fit over the patient’s teeth that gradually get adjusted to move the teeth into perfect alignment. A computer program generating a simulation determines the fit. Adult patients that have particular orthodontic bite issues can benefit from this system.

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    Dr. Joseph Tseng is enthusiastic about providing expert dental work as well as making sure his patients have a healthy foundation for perfect oral hygiene. Dr. Joseph Tseng's well-trained staff is dedicated to ensuring his high standards are met with every patient who walks in the door.

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    Dr. Joseph Tseng has over 25 years of experience with families. He prides his business on oral expertise for Westland’s families. Dr. Joseph Tseng treats his patients using the most advanced state of the art technology. Call (734) 525-7636 today to schedule your appointment!


    Best dentist I've ever been to! Have had extractions, teeth cleaning and fillings all with in two years. By far the best at everything. The staff as well are great and very personable! Totally trust worthy and prices are great!!!

    by Vanessa Carlson

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